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Personalized Chapstick can Spread Awareness for a Political Campaign

September 30th, 2016 By CustomLipBalmStore


Are you actively involved in a political campaign for the upcoming city, state, or national elections? It is hard to know where the campaign funds should be spent to increase voter awareness. You might consider ideas that are outside of traditional marketing so that you can gain the attention of people who might be interested in voting.

Why Personalized Chapstick is Beneficial

Personalized chapstick is a marketing method that you should consider. If you are meeting with potential voters in person, then it can be helpful to share a small token of appreciation. A tube of chapstick can be something that is cheap to hand out to the masses. The label on this lip balm can be customized with your logo and campaign message.

Each time a person reaches in their bag for a tube of chapstick, they will see the customized label and think about their upcoming vote. This small reminder can be a great way to keep your platform in front of their mind, helping them to make the right decision when they step into the voter booth.

Everyone likes to use chapstick to soothe dry lips. So, they will hold onto their new tube of lip balm when they receive it from your campaign. This gift is useful and practical, helping people to have the desire to hold onto it for a while.

Ordering Your Custom Chapstick

If you want to use custom chapstick for your political campaign, then it is essential that you take action right away to submit your order. These custom orders can be delivered as soon as possible so that you have the tools that are needed to reach your target demographic.

Make sure that you work with a graphic designer who can create an attractive label. You can go through the design process to pick the perfect label for your needs. Then, it is easy to submit your order and wait for the package to arrive.

Do you want to understand more about how custom chapstick can be used for all types of marketing efforts? We invite you to talk with our team here at Custom Lip Balm Store for more information. We are here to help with your promotional items, and we are always happy to answer your questions. Browse our website to learn more about custom chapstick and the other promotional products that are available. Contact us today to get started right away!

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